Love Stories at Lock 16


Love is… what Lock 16’s got! The stories we’ve heard over the years: From a midway meeting point arranged between online dates to a scholar’s hometown reunion with a high school sweetheart and newfound love over Lock 16 coffee.

Every year more and more lovers find their way to Lock 16 and the LaSalle Canal Boat. From fabulously nautical and unique wedding ceremonies aboard the mule-pulled LaSalle Canal Boat to a mimosa toast honoring a bride-to-be’s bridesmaids, lovers fill our spaces with endless love.


On Tuesday, Feb. 11 News Tribune reporter, Lauren Blough, interviewed one of Lock 16’s favorite  couples, Jerry Renolds and Denise Sabotta, as they enjoyed a morning tea. They shared stories of, “What love means to them.”


Fall in love with guest barista Julia Messina today, Saturday, Feb. 14 when you try her specialty coffee, latte, espresso and cappuccino beverages!


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